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Siiri Külm is a Junior Researcher at the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Chair of Environmental Protection and Landscape Management. She holds a MSc in Engineering (Landscape Architecture) and a BSc in Environmental Protection, both from Estonian University of Life Sciences. Currently she is a PhD student under the supervision of Professor Kalev Sepp. She is interested in cultural changes and ther effects on landscapes. Siiri has worked in and lead several research projects on different environmental subjects in Estonia. For example she has participated in research projects dealing with integrated coastal and marine planning (consentrated in human-ecological networks); evaluated social, economical and ecological aspects in forest management (for State Forest Management Center); evaluated and mapped cultural hertage objects; etc. She is currently leading project mapping and assessing of priority ecosystem services by ecosystems on national scale in Estonia. Siiri is coordinating research activities of FIDELIO project in Matsalu National Park, Estonia.


Recent publications and reports

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